Photographic Print, Last Light, Furkelspitz, Alto Adige, Italy

One of the most popular images from the South Tyrolean collection. Taken on the slopes above the town of Trafoi close to the summit of Furkelspitz bordering Austria. This autonomous region, of Alto Adige (IT) or Südtirol (DE) is the far north of Italy, in the Italian Alps.

This image was selected by Falmouth Art Gallery (UK) as part of their permanent collection, and displayed in the Masters of Photography exhibition.

12 Feb 2011 - 02 Apr 2011
This major international photography exhibition featured iconic images by Eve Arnold, Jane Bown, Julia Margaret Cameron, Fay Godwin, Linda McCartney, Lee Miller and Man Ray.

Showing for the first time were some of the best images of the short-lived photographer, Ian Stern, who worked for several years on the ground breaking Man Alive documentaries, learning his craft under the BAFTA-winning cameraman Phil Meheux.
Among Cornwall-based contemporary photographers featured were Vince Bevan, Anthony Fagin, Kate Fagin, Miles Flint, Andrew Lanyon, Slavek Leszczynski, Alex Rowbotham, Nik Strangelove, Gary Treadwell and Mark Webster.

Available in store as a Classic print or 1st Edition Limited Edition

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